Tips on artificial grass

How to clean artificial grass on a terrace 

Now that you have already installed artificial turf on your balcony, garden, patio or roof terrace, you will appreciate the little maintenance it requires, whether you have installed it on the floor or as a wall. Compared to natural grass, you will not need to water it, trim or fertilize the surface. You will only need to follow a few simple steps to keep your artificial turf looking fresh for many years. 

Tools you may need:

  • Rake (for small areas) or air blower (for large gardens) 
  • Vacuum cleaner 
  • Rigid broom or brush (but not metal, to avoid damaging the turf) 
  • Hose or bucket with water 
  • Soft soap in a spray bottle or equal parts solution of water with vinegar. 
Cómo limpiar el césped artificial en una terraza

Incident Cleaning

Balconies, terraces or patios with artificial turf always look attractive and are ideal for entertainment. But what if one of your guests accidentally spills red wine or coffee on it? Or what if your beloved pet has an incident and ends up doing his needs on your artificial turf? 


Don’t worry, it takes much more than a little red wine or pet excrement to stain your high quality and resistant artificial turf. All you need to do is water the area with plenty of water (which, if properly installed, will flow into the drain hole without any waterlogging). After that, spray the space with a mild soapy solution, or a mixture of water and vinegar in equal parts, and rinse again with water.  In no time your artificial turf will be clean and looking new. 

Cómo limpiar el césped artificial en una terraza

Regular Cleaning

Artificial turf can be cleaned similarly to any indoor floor. Many times, dry leaves and other waste such as papers can get on artificial grass. For balconies and roofs, we recommend that you pick them up by hand or using a flexible rake to collect all the trash aside before putting it in the bin. For larger areas such as gardens, perhaps an air blower can be very useful for this task. 


For artificial turf installed indoors or on balconies, you can use the vacuum cleaner and wash it with water if you wish so. That will leave your artificial turf like new! 


For artificial turf installed outdoors, you can also use the vacuum cleaner, but you must do it with care to avoid removing the sand filling from it. 

Periodic cleaning 

Constant transit on artificial turf can result in certain areas being crushed and losing their natural aesthetics. Therefore, it’s convenient to perform periodic maintenance. To do this, simply use a brush, or hard broom, and brush the artificial turf to get those crushed areas vertical again. After that, spray with a solution of soft soap (or vinegar and water) and, rinse the entire area with water. 

If you have a large surface of artificial turf, and brushing/washing sounds like too much work, you can always hire the maintenance from a professional, who has all the necessary tools to perform the job faster and better. 


Also, professional maintenance includes more than simply brushing and cleaning the lawn. Professionals are responsible for verifying the joints to ensure that the artificial grass does not have unsightly gaps. If there are gaps, they can be fixed with additional turf. They also check all the edges to make sure the artificial turf is well fixed. If any edge is loose, they can fix it to avoid possible incidents. They clean and disinfect artificial grass with a special solution. They are also responsible for brushing the grass so that it looks like new. If necessary, they can install more silica sand infill. 


Professional maintenance will keep your artificial turf in better condition for longer. 


What tricks do you have for maintaining your artificial turf? If you have a great tip, we would love if you share it with us. 


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