Tips on artificial grass

10 frequently asked questions about artificial turf

Greenery compliments the beauty of your dream home and artificial turf is at your service by giving you the most elegant designs, textures and comfort. Questions will pop out in your mind before going for installation.  


Let’s have look on your concerns! 

Why to choose artificial turf over natural grass?

Artificial turf remains lush, green and charming with fine and uniform texture throughout the year without extra demands of watering, seeding and maintenance unlike natural turf. You save your energy and cost and enjoy the comfort of self-maintained grass. 

Is artificial turf safe for my family?

Artificial grass is non-toxic until you choose the right turf from a well-recognized manufacturer. It is non-allergenic and non-toxic even the installation materials ensure safety of a person. There are some rare chances that shows harmful reactions of chemicals used in synthetic grass. 

Can I install it over an existing lawn?

Yes, its possible but not recommended as you will not be happy with the outcome. Installing it over existing loan will cause drainage issue, imbalanced base and it won’t be long-lasting. You will feel loss of money and attractive appeal for a grass. 

I am not into these things. Is it difficult to maintain it?

Artificial turf is not just attractive, it’s also easy to maintain it. Unlike natural grass you do not have to do seeding, watering and spraying chemicals to keep it lush and safe. You just must clean and moisturize it occasionally and again, its super easy comparatively. 

To what extent Does Artificial Grass Last?

On an average, synthetic grass spends 10-15 years in your lawn or playground and that’s great deal of time, really! If you keep good care of it with recommended maintenance then you can enjoy lush greenery for up to 20-25 years. 

10 preguntas frecuentes sobre césped artificial

What is the cost estimated cost of artificial turf?

The cost depends upon the size of area you want to cover with synthetic turf. On an average, it costs 13$ for a square foot coverage. Be aware for the extremely low cost of grasses because a shortcut has been taken and quality is compromised. 

Is there any water drainage system in it?

A big yes! It is excellently designed mesh with effective drainage system unlike the sod grass and you will enjoy the vibrant look every time of the year. So, enjoy the rainy season with no worries of grass flooding. 

Which material is used for synthetic grass?

Fibber is mostly made up of nylon or propylene, polyethylene and nylon while the base comprises rubber or polyester foams 

How often do I clean artificial grass?

Giving your lawn, a weekly cleaning is desirable however if you are lazy or busy person then monthly cleaning is best fit. You need to water it to revive the fresh look of grass. Remove any chewing gums or clogged materials by hand or use ice if it’s very stubborn. You can use artificial grass cleaner or a power brush to remove clogged dirt and deeply bruised debris. 

What are different types of artificial grass?

It depends upon purpose for usage i.e. for home, sports grounds or public places as well as type of material it uses for its making. Following are three types for artificial turf. 



It is most desirable due to its strongest blades and ability to withstand harsh environments but its look is less likely to be natural. It is costly turf. 



It looks natural green realistic look with fine texture and is least expensive. Least durability to withstand extreme temperature. 



It is lively grass with good durability score in harsh weather conditions in a lesser budget. Off course, it the best choice for home lawns and playgrounds. 

10 preguntas frecuentes sobre césped artificial

We hope we have helped you with this list of frequently asked questions. But if you have any questions to solve, do not hesitate to write to us and we will answer you as soon as possible.


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